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and Additions

06/10/02 Vegas update here.

06/07/02 Don Armstrong photos here.

06/01/02 Oak Hill Mini, SoCal here.

05/31/02 A couple of stories from Kurt Schatz here.

05/25/02 Photos from John Powell here.

05/24/02 The January 27, 1971 Cavalaire and the February 7, 1968 edition here.

05/22/02 A few pics from John Mackel here.

05/20/02 Tom Criser 'Then&Now' pic here.

05/13/02 A list of must read books by Walker located on the Library page here.

05/12/02 Walker's latest Saber article here.

05/10/02 New Mini Pic hereand here.

05/09/02 Pics of Uncle John and Lew Robinson here and here.

05/06/02 C Troop Formation for Jon Swanson MOH at Arlington here.

04/29/02 Bob Youngs 'Then&Now' here.

04/27/02 Walter Maude ("70-'71) sent his Ops. patch.

04/10/02 New Then&Now pics here.

04/04/02 Pics of Vince Nelsons D.C. mini here.

03/31/02 Story by Bruce Huffman here.

03/26/02 John Powell here.

03/21/02 Put pics of Ernie Burns, Ray Davis and Dewey Butler here.

03/03/02 Vaughn Lane has finally graced us with his smiling face here.

03/02/02 Jim Hohman sent these wonderful pics of LZs Hammond,Two Bits
               and the Bong Son here and a few more here.

02/22/02 BWS Reunion news here.

02/22/02 Jim Hohman pics here.

02/21/02 C Troop commanders added here.

02/18/02 Added Sam Hinch pic here.

02/17/02 Reunion update here.

02/17/02 Gary Hayes obituary here:

02/14/02 Added Walkers Jan/Feb Saber article with a surprise pic here.

01/25/02 Added Joe Waters pic here:

01/17/02 Added Westmorland pic here.

01/13/02 Added Jim Black here.

01/11/02 Added links to pictures from the Roster page

01/09/02 Announced the Charlie Troop Vegas reunion. Info here.

01/04/02 An insiteful look into the very early days of the Cav in RVN
               by Columbus Ledger-Enquirer reporter Charlie Black here.

12/27/01 Added pics here and here.

12/4/01 Tietenberg pics in Then&Now here.

12/1/01 Obituary for Capt. Enn Tietenberg here.

11/16/01 Walker Jones' latest Saber article here.

10/23/01 Flight Surgeon Capt. Hal Kushner's POW story here.

10/22/01 New 'Then&Now' pics here and here. C Troopers can read the Jan.27, 1971 issue of Cavalaire here.

10/19/01 Big Sky Mini pics at Walker's new site here.

10/2/01 Jax Mini Pics here.

9/21/01 New Guest page here.

9/15/01 Cavalaire, the Cav newspaper 20 May 1970 here.

9/11/01 Jacksonville Mini Map Click here.

9/7/01 Walker's latest Saber article here.

9/6/01 Frank Hiser pic here.

8/30/01 Chuck Iannuzzi's pics here.

8/25/01 Mike Smith Pic here.

8/15/01 Orlando Flag Mini pics here.

8/13/01 New content here and here and new pics here.

8/6/01 New pics here.

8/5/01 Two new pics here

8/4/01 New pics here and here (Norton).

7/26/01 New pic here.

7/25/01 New names on the Remembrance page. ( Dornellas, Carroll, Wright)

             New Story here.

7/23/01 New name on Remembrance page (Pascual).

7/23/01 Added pictures here and here.

7/9/01 Upgraded Roster pages and added pics here.

6/29/01 New Pic here.

6/26/01 Added Pat Patterson Pics here and here.

6/25/01 Added four names to the Remembrance page (Smith,Kaneshiro, Green & Nelson)

6/14/01 Added new Mini Pics here.

6/3/01 Content added here.

6/2/01 Added content here.

5/31/01 Added new Mini pics here

5/30/01 Added Scroller to Home page (IE only)

5/28/01 Added a story here

5/21/01 New pics here

5/16/01 New pics here

5/12/01 Added Davski pics here.

5/6/01 Added pics here and here.

5/2/01 Added Mini pics here

5/1/01 Added Picture here

4/26/01 Posted Davski here

4/22/01 Posted Lil' Sis' VWMP Speech here

4/22/01 Linked KIAs to the Wall data on the Remembrance page

4/20/01 Added pics here

4/18/01 Added Smoky here

4/13/01 Added new pics here and here.

4/11/01 Added Library page here and new photos here

4/7/01 Added links to Lane and Ball photos here and a pic of '252' here.

3/30/01 New Pictures added here.

3/29/01 Added even more content here.

3/24/01 Added 1st Cav Magazine here

3/16/01 Added content here 

3/13/01 Added pics here and here and here and here

3/10/01 Added Mini Reunion page here

3/4/01 Added Revisions Page