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Walkers unedited Saber article May/June 2002

Dear Troopers and Family,

We have great news! Our close family just got larger. And we all have recently, by proxy, received a huge dose of pride to boot. I had the distinct honor (and luck) to be present on 1 May at the White House Rose Garden when President BUSH presented the Medal of Honor (posthumously) to the wife and daughters of CPT Jon Edward SWANSON (B Trp, '70-71). CPT SWANSON and his gunner/observer, SSG Larry G. HARRISON were killed on Feb. 26, 1971 when their OH-6A ("Loach") was shot down in Cambodia. The 1-9th Cambodia incursion in '71 supported "Task Force 333" concurrently with the infamous "Lam Son 719" in Laos - I presume we were there to keep the NVA in Cambodia occupied; well, they kept us quite occupied, as any Trooper from those days can attest! These two men's remains were only recently located and identified. The mission to award Jon with the MOH was apparently quite independent, but coincidental, with the finding and identification of his and HARRISON's remains, which were indistinguishable and thus were buried together on 3 May. CPT SWANSON was B Trp's Scout Plt Ldr (Sabre White) while HARRISON was the Scout Plt Sgt (White Mike); the top Scout leadership in the Troop died together.


I was already in D.C. on business that week and had earlier received a heads-up from Al DeFLERON of the Bullwhip Squadron Assn about the MOH plans and Arlington interment. After a mad series of cell phone exchanges, I met up with 3 other former 1-9th pilots (Vietnam) to witness the President's presentation of the MOH in the Rose Garden on May 1. At the White House gates, I joined Jack SHIELDS (B Trp XO, CO, '70-71), and James "Jim" KURTZ (A, C Trp Cobra pilot, '70-71, 5235 Nottinghill Lane, Fairfax, VA 22032 <>), then met Jack MORRISSEY (A Trp pilot, '68 <>). Jim KURTZ pulled some strings to get us in at the last minute, but due to the short notice, "the word" couldn't get out in time to get others "vetted" by White House staff. Mike SLONIKER <>, Vietnam Helicopter Pilots' Assn (VHPA) Historian, with lots of Pentagon and Arlington experience, and who is a champion of Vietnam helicopter crews, told me that this lack of notice is typical. Too bad, as I believe many dozens would have made the trip. Amy COLEMAN with the Office of Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army did a wonderful job of herding us around to the multitude of additional events. A photo of the presentation is at <>.

Jon's wife, Sandee SWANSON, and their beautiful daughters, Holly Christine WALKER and Brigid Eileen Swanson-JONES seemed to be knocked out to find us there among the crowd of dignitaries and families, us sporting our Stetsons. They were hungry to know what type of war their hero husband/dad had fought and sacrificed. I'm sure each of us felt like me - so surprised and so honored just to be there and be so … welcomed. That was not what I was expecting. Jack SHIELDS, Jon's XO at the time he was killed, had traveled from Arkansas, and found himself the only person present who had been there that day in 1971 and knew Jon when he was killed (both had also served their first tours together with D/3-5 Cav, 9th Inf Div). Jack was inundated with questions. Jack also attended Thursday's activities with Jon's family, which included CPT SWANSON's induction into the Hall of Heros at the Pentagon: see <>. He also kept telling me that B Trp's CO, MAJ LOTT - who put Jon in for the MOH - should be sharing in this tremendous event, but he couldn't be located in time.

It was a perfect spring day in the Rose Garden. Dogwoods and azaleas in full bloom (I left s. Texas at 100 degrees). Jon would have been 60 years old on this day. About 60 of Jon SWANSON's family were present and I think we must have been introduced to all of them - they are all such wonderful people. This family was already "together" before they ever gathered for this event. Great family - now OUR family, or rather we are now THEIR family. There were also lots of heavy duty dignitaries present, including Army Chief of Staff GEN SHINSECKI who is also a Vietnam Vet - rare among General Officers these days - and SGT Major of the Army (SMA) Jack TILLEY (both pictured with Sandee SWANSON at the website above). Nick BACON, president of the Medal of Honor Society, was there along with 3 three other MOH winners. They are fine folks, as one would expect.

I should mention that the MOH ceremony was for two men - CPT (Dr.) Ben L. SALOMON was honored for his bravery on Saipan in WW2. Sadly, no living relatives could be located, but several of his college classmates and their families made it their business to attend. SALOMAN's classmate and champion, Dr. Robert WEST, accepted the MOH from President BUSH.

The MOH citation for CPT Jon E. SWANSON states: "On February 26, 1971, Captain Jon E. SWANSON was flying an OH-6A aircraft on a close support reconnaissance mission in support of Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) Task Force 333 in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Two well equipped enemy regiments were known to be in the area, and Captain SWANSON's mission was to pinpoint precise enemy positions. To accomplish this mission, he was required to fly at treetop level at a slow airspeed, thus making his aircraft a very vulnerable target. The advancing ARVN unit came under heavy automatic weapons fire from the enemy bunkers in a treeline approximately 100 meters to their front. Captain SWANSON, completely exposing himself to enemy anti-aircraft fire, immediately engaged the enemy bunkers with SSG HARRISON's concussion grenades and machine gun fire."

"After the crew destroyed five bunkers and successfully evaded ground-to-air fire, Swanson, he discovered a .51 caliber machine gun position. He had expended his heavy ordnance on the bunkers and did not have sufficient explosives to destroy the positions. Consequently, he directed SSG HARRISON mark the position with a smoke grenade and directed a Cobra gunship attack on the position. Upon completion of the attack, he again returned to the area to assess the battle damage. Captain SWANSON found the weapon still intact and an enemy soldier crawling over to man it. He immediately directed HARRISON to engage the individual and killing him. His aircraft was then taken under fire by a second .51 caliber machine gun position."

"Although his aircraft had sustained several hits, Captain SWANSON engaged the position with his aircraft weapons, marked the target, and directed a second Cobra gunship attack. He volunteered to continue the mission despite the fact that he was critically low on ammunition and his aircraft was crippled from the hits it sustained. While approaching the target area, Captain SWANSON was taken under fire by yet another .51 caliber position. In an effort to mark the position with smoke, he again flew into the objective area. Although his aircraft was taking heavy fire, he continued to fly to the .51 caliber position. It was at this point that his aircraft exploded in the air and crashed to the ground. Captain SWANSON's courageous actions resulted in at least eight enemy killed and the destruction of three enemy anti-aircraft positions, which would have been responsible for the destruction of many more helicopters and crews."

"Many attempts were made to recover the crew. Another helicopter landed near the site, but was forced to take off when it came under heavy enemy fire. Repeated attempts by both ARVN ground troops and U.S. helicopters to reach the downed helicopter were thwarted by enemy fire. On February 27, U.S. helicopters returned to the area and saw what they believed to be two remains near the crash site. As late as March 7, the remains were observed near the crash site, but could not be recovered due to enemy fire."

President Bush's statement can be found at the White House website at

On Friday, May 3, Mark "Babysan" HILTON (C Trp Lift pilot, '70-71) piloted his UT-1 Camry to PZ Falls Church to load up Bill MOELLER (C Trp, avionics, '70-71, Rockville, MD <>), Jesse JAMES (C Trp, HHT engine mechanic, '69-70, Prince George, VA <>) and myself, for transport to LZ Ft. Myer for the memorial service for SWANSON and HARRISON. The chapel service was punctuated by Jon's daughter Brigid's courageous statement that ended with a "Welcome Home" to us all. I lost it then. Like I said, we have a great new family addition with whom we should establish and sustain contact.

The service was followed by a procession to the interment site led by military band and color guard and the horse-drawn caisson carrying the flag-draped casket. They were fittingly buried together with full military honors. Quite something to witness. There were lots of Cav Hats there, but I cannot possibly know who they all were. Some folks represented Jon's first tour Unit. 1-9th guys I knew included Bob TREDWAY (C Trp CO '69-70, 409 N. Street SW, Washington, DC 20024-3701, <>) and John POWELL (C Trp Scout and Cobra pilot, '69-71, Stafford, VA <>). Mike "Loadhacker" SLONIKER (VHPA historian and former CAV pilot) led a few of us to pay homage at the gravesite of our hero, Ron TIMBERLAKE). Also there was my bud, former President of the Vietnam Helicopter Crewmembers' Assn. <>, Chris WHITE <>, who drove down from Baltimore. Former VHPA president and SWANSON's flight school classmate, Tom PAYNE (<>, was there and has produced a great website tribute to Jon at <>. And Joe GALLOWAY, co-author of "We Were Soldiers Once … And Young" was also there with his own Cav Hat!

I was also very proud to see that the present day 9th Cavalry continues to recognize their legacy. Attending all events last week were the following 1-9th soldiers from Ft. Hood: Btn CO, LTC Roger MCDONALD, CSM Walter SMITH, B Co CO, CPT Jack CRABTREE, and B Co 1SG Everett CLARK. LTC MCDONALD led the incredible welcome we received at the 9th Cav luncheon during last year's First Cav. Div. Assn. reunion in Killeen/Ft. Hood.

CPT SWANSON became the third 1-9th Cav Trooper to be awarded the MOH. The other two are SGT Donald S. SKIDGEL, Trp D, 14 Sept '69, and 1LT Robert L. POXON, Trp B, 2 June 1969. Each died as a result of their heroism.

Unfortunately, the 1st Cav Assn. scheduled this year's annual reunion in Colorado during the same week that the 1-9th Cavalry, Vietnam era, had planned their reunion in conjunction with the annual reunion of the VHPA in Las Vegas. Sorry for the conflicts. Nevertheless, there will be a lot of Cav Hats in Vegas on the 4th. Look out!

I'll address unanswered correspondence in the next issue. Until then, We Can - We Will!


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Call to Fiddlers Green

We are sad to report the passing of another Charlie Trooper. WO (ret.WO4) Gary B. Hayes, 'Thirsty 37', Lift pilot, 1965-66, who succumbed to cancer 15 February 2002.
This is his obituary as it appeared in the Springfield (MO) News-Leader:

Gary Bill Hayes, 61, Nixa, passed away Friday, February 15, 2002 in his home. He was born July 27, 1940 in Marshall, Mo., the son of Harry and Marie (McKenna) Hayes.

On October 12, 1963 he and Velda Mae Eckhoff were married. He served his country in the Vietnam War and was a member of the Missouri National Gaurd. He was an instructor pilot and and also worked as a safety inspector for the State of Missouri, and a as a pilot for the Missouri Highway Patrol. Gary was a wonderful husband and father to his girls and was loved by all those who knew him. He was a member of Family of Christ Lutheran Church in Nixa. Survivors include his wife, Velda, "Pete" Hayes; three daughters, Lisa Hayes, Kansas City, Kim Abbott and her husband Thomas Martin Abbott, Jefferson City, and Jana Hayes, St. Louis; his mother, Marie Hayes, presently residing at Christian Health Care of Nixa; two grandchildren, Randi and Megan Abbott; a brother, Paul Curtis Hayes, San Diego, Calif.; and a sister, Carolyn Sue Kehl, Lake Arrowhead, Calif He was preceded in death by his father and two brothers, Elwood Hayes and Dennis Hayes.

Funeral services will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday, February 19, in Family of Christ LutheranChurch, Nixa, with Pastor Dale Bond officiating. Burial with military honors will follow in Missouri Veterans Cemetery. Visitation will be from 3 to5 p.m. Monday, in Adams Funeral Home, Nixa. Memorial donations may be made to the American Cancer Society.

May he find rest with the Lord and his other fallen comrades.


We regret to inform you of the passing of Capt. Enn I. Tietenberg (Ret. Col.) in October 2001. Captain Tietenburg was the Lift section leader and Executive Officer from September 1969 thru 1970. His obituary appears below.

ENN I. TIETENBERG, 65, of Golden died Oct. 16. Services were Oct. 20. Mr. Tietenberg was born in Tallinn, Estonia, on Jan. 22, 1936. He married Margaret Carter, 1968. He was a retired Army colonel and project manager for Rocky Flats. Survivors include his wife; sister Eda Homan of Boulder.

May he rest easy with his comrades.


13 August 2001 Latest on LZ X-Ray Movie here.

1 June 2001 Bill Moeller Ups the Ante

Since the post below there have been several more mini-reunions. The most recent, held at the March Field Museum, has spurred Bill to increase his offering. Charlie Troopers can read his latest letter here as well as his original offer here. Lets hope that Bills generous gifts toward the restoration of our C Trp. veteran LOH 252 will spur all of us to donate.
   If anyone is planning a trip to central Florida in the near future please contact me and we can get together with the 94th Flag and add our names.

16 March 2001 94th Aero Squadron Flag Mini-Reunions

There is a move afoot to get as many Charlie Troopers as possible to sign the flag of the 94th Aero Sqdn. When accomplished it will be presented back to the 94th along with a Cav hat under glass signifing the common bond of brotherhood between aviators of different eras. What follows is part of an e-mail from Bill Moeller ('70-'71):


About a year ago Walker (Jones '70-'71) and I came in contact with the flag.
( The story of how that happened is told at flag signings only.) That story was the
original inducement to get the guys to hold mini reunions and sign the flag. The flag
hung on the wall in my den under some swords for about eight months. Early last fall
Walker called and said he was coming to town and asked if I wanted to join him for
dinner. I accepted. He asked if I would bring the flag so he could sign it. I did.

That night we went to the 94th and had a great time, but didn't drink as much as the
last time eight months earlier. This evening we took the ime to learn more about the
94th. Much to our surprise, we found, they were a formidable fighting force in WW I (

 Early December time frame I came up with the idea of holding mini reunions around
the country, and for each member of C Troop to sign the flag. At that time they will
learn how we came in possession of it. The idea was to help us become one again.
Once it is full of the signatures of the troop we are going to present it back to the 94th
along with a Cav. hat under glass. It is our way of letting them know who we are, that
being the flying aces and crew of the Vietnam era. Sort of a honor to each other. We
will honor them by having our mini reunions in their restaurants and hopefully they will
honor us by displaying the flag and the Cav. hat when this is all said and done. Walker
and I share the same passion in that the troop needs to be one again.

 Our first mini was held in College Park MD. In attendance was Bob Tredway, Mark
Hilton, and myself. January we had another, this time with Walker, Lew Robinson, and
Bob Leamaster. February the Scotland trip. Now Randy (Zahn '70-'71) has it in Alaska,
with two more minis completed.

  There is more to the e-mail and we invite C Troopers to read the whole letter on our egroup board here. This is a great opportunity to get together with old (and/or new) buds for a good time, to honor brothers-in-arms, plus a bonus. Get on it.


20 February 2001 Backhanded Compliment

  In the latest edition of the Bullwhip Squadron News, A.J. Welsh, aka Swampfox (B & F Troop) bemoans the fact that Charlie Troop has it's ducks in a row. Commenting on the recent reunion at Mother Rucker he states:


"There was one low point. It seems like Charlie Troop took home most
of the prizes! I don't know whether or not it was because there were
more of them there, they bought more tickets or the fix was in. I
think it was because there was more of them there."


Well yeah! We always take the prize.



12 Feb. 2001   Movie update

 By Zorianna Kit

                  LOS ANGELES (The Hollywood Reporter) --- Greg Kinnear has been cast to star
                 with Mel Gibson in Paramount Pictures/Icon Prods.' "We Were Soldiers Once ...
                 and Young" (aka "Lost Patrol") for Randall Wallace, who will direct from his
                 own script. The project is scheduled to go before cameras March 5 and shoot
                 in California and Georgia.

                  Set in 1965, "Soldiers" centers on 80 men from the U.S. Air Cavalry, led by
                 Lt. Col. Hal Moore (Gibson), who find themselves surrounded by enemy soldiers
                 after being airlifted into a clearing in Vietnam's Ia Drang Valley. Kinnear
                 will play the role of Maj. Bruce Crandall (229th AHB), an all-American
                 college baseball star and devoted military man who is called upon by Moore to
                 start up the Air Cavalry unit. Fearless in battle and constantly risking his
                 life, Crandall mans the chopper for the duration of the battle.

                  The cast also includes Chris Klein, Barry Pepper, Sam Elliott, Madeleine
                 Stowe and Dylan Walsh.

                  Kinnear, repped by CAA and Brillstein-Grey's Marc Gurvitz, stars in
                 Paramount Classics' "The Gift" and USA Films' "Nurse Betty." He was recently
                 before the cameras opposite Ashley Judd in Fox 2000's "Animal Husbandry" and
                 for director Norman Jewison in "Dinner With Friends" for HBO.