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Then and Now

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Lt. David N.'Sparky'Sparkman ("I am too a RLO") striking his best John Wayne war movie pose in Tay Ninh Feb.'71('70-'71)

WO Michael E.'Smitty'Smith (Cavalier'39) in early '71 doing his famous John-the-Baptist schtick. One the right in 2000 Smitty kept his head and from the adornments looks proud of it.('70-'71)

WO Gary L. Breedlove looking pensive and wondering why he didn't stay in school ('70-'71)

WO Larry B. Edeal (Cavalier'23') relaxing in the posh pilots suite in Tay Ninh Feb.'71.

WO Randy R. Zahn (Cavalier '24') during his Elvis phase in Tay Ninh '71. I guess when they told this snake driver he was cleared to 'rock & roll' he thought he'd take on the personna of the 'king'. On the right at the '99 reunion Randy takes on the personna of...ah, Braveheart doing a rendition of 'Love me Tender'?

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