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We would like to encourage you troopers  to send in recollections
of your time with C Troop. Stories of camp life, humorous anecdotes,
sloppy hootchmates and the like. The hassles of moving to a new AO or
breaking in a new peter-P (or CO for that matter). Now's your chance to
unload without reprisal. Come on, you know you want to.



Inception July 28, 1866


An Abbreviated History of the 9th Cav


1965 Columbus (Ga.) Ledger-Enquirer Articles
by Charlie Black (The Ernie Pyle of Vietnam)


1st Cav Magazine July 1968


1st Cav Newspaper The Cavalaire 20 May 1970


1st Cav Newspaper The Cavalaire 27 January 1971 *


1/9th Cambodia After Action Report


Gen. George W. Casey's Memorial Card


1/9th Flight Surgeon Harold "Hal" Kushner's POW Ordeal


Charlie Troop Commanders



 * Charlie Troopers Only, sorry