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Charles 'Chuck' Iannuzzi's Photos


Photos by Chuck Iannuzzi
'Raider 24X' WIA 1967

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Wobblies One. Charlie Derrick and Chuck Iannuzzi at LZ Two Bits.

'Raider 25' (need some help with a name here) and Chuck

Monsoon proofing the rear area hooch. Don't want your stuff to get wet while you're away in a tent somewhere.

Red bird gassing up. Note troop circle painted in door hinge

The M-21 Minigun System

Rear area at AnKhe. Much too nice for the likes of us.

Broke Bird

Broke Chuck 

A tenting we will go. Rudy Ribbeck writes a letter home.

To read the after action report on the
incident of Chucks wounding at LZ Pat click here.