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Guest Book Archive

July-September 2001


  CARL TURNER Sunday, 9/16/01, 7:37 PM

Served with C TRP 1/9TH 66-67 LZ Hammond & TWO BITS DOOR GUNNER RED PLT, BLUES untill Feb 67 WIA AN LO Valley returned Apr 67 worked in OP untill returned home.

From: KENTUCKY Web Site: TURNER VEGAS <http://>

E-mail: TURNER VEGAS @ AOL <mailto:TURNER>



Dick Gragert Sunday, 9/16/01, 2:39 PM

From: Lexington,Ky


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C Troop Scouts 1970

JESSE JAMES Friday, 9/14/01, 11:09 PM







Robert Andrews Saturday, 9/8/01, 7:35 PM

I was in the Blues,the RTO for blue mike in 1971. Great web page and keep

up the great work.

From: Brookville In


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: 1/9 C Troop 1971


John Conway Monday, 8/27/01, 12:02 PM

Hello Jack & Troop - Fine to see your efforts result in such an outstanding site. Hope I can help you somewhere along the way! I'm building a Museum website at the above listed URL. I welcome input and comments. My most sincere regards to the Cav! From: Kansas City, Missouri Web Site: Legacy of Valor <> E-mail: <> Name of Unit and dates in RVN: N/A


SMOKY ALIAS JOSE JIMENEZ Friday, 8/24/01, 4:17 PM

THANKS JACK From: NEVER NEVER LAND IN NJ Web Site: THE WONDERERS <http://OUT OF SITE> E-mail: <> Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C-TP BLUES 1/9 CAV 65-66


BOYCOTT THE BOOK! Wednesday, 8/22/01,

9:32 AM PLEASE don't buy "Taking Fire" by liar extraordinaire Ron "Squatty Body" Alexander. Read it for free (and bend up the copy) at Barnes & Noble, since they refuse to print the Troop rebuttal to his pack of lies of their website. If the action sounds unbelievable, it's because it is. The book is 99% horse-pucky, as is Ron. Name of Unit and dates in RVN: Apache 35 / Apache 22, Feb 69 - Sep 70


Donald Jack Saturday, 8/11/01, 5:27 PM

From: Ark E-mail: <> Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C Trp 1/9 Cav Jan 69 thru Jan 70


J. Bruce Huffman Thursday, 8/2/01, 8:00 AM Call

Sign Cavalier 13 and 36 toward the end of my tour. From: West Virginia E-mail: <> Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C Trp. 1/9th, 68-69



medicine wolf Monday, 9/3/01, 3:27 PM

greetings from the camp of ancient teachings....... From: saskatchewan canada Web Site: stories of the dancing flame <> E-mail: <>


Chuck Iannuzzi Tuesday, 8/28/01, 2:03 PM

Server in C 1/9 June '67 until August 9, '67 when I earned my Purple Heart. Call sign Raider 24 x-ray. Paul Davis was the A/C. From: Crystal Lake, IL E-mail: <>


Leo Marchand Tuesday, 8/28/01, 12:37 PM

I served with the scouts of C and E troops 1969-1970. Anyone out there wish to exchange information? From: San Diego E-mail: <>



Kenneth W. Keller Sunday, 8/26/01, 6:17 AM Welcome Home! Kenneth W. Keller F trp. 1/9 10/70 - 3/71 From: Louisiana E-mail: <>


Rudy Preus Thursday, 8/23/01, 10:42 AM I am a retired Canadian Air Force pilot. My hobby is Stained Glass and my Three Dimensional Stained Glass Aircraft may be of interest to your guests. If anyone wishes to view my work, please visit me at From: Comox, BC, Canada Web Site: Stellar Images - Stained Glass Aircraft <> E-mail: <>


John Conway Wednesday, 8/22/01, 11:32 PM

I'm building a museum web site for Air Cavalry and other Helicopter units that served in Vietnam at . Please take a look. I'm badly in need of input from 1/9 people and I do want to include Blues and maintence units - not just flying personel. I have been granted permission to place a link on my site for C 1/9 and I am interested in helping in anyway I can. Please contact me if you'd like to help. My hat's off to the Cav!!! From: Kansas City, Missouri Web Site: Legacy of Valor <> E-mail: <>


Jerry R. Brooks Wednesday, 8/15/01, 11:03 AM

I served with A Battery, 2/20 ARA in 66-67 and was just viviting this web site. Nice job. From: Pensacola,FL. E-mail: <>


Joyce Ussery Tuesday, 8/7/01, 9:27 PM

Does anyone with C 1/9 recall a helicopter crash, September 28, 1968, Quang Tri Province - one report states 1 1/2 miles east of LZ Barbara? If so, we would like to hear from you. The Duty Officer's Log Sheet mentions C 1/9 working out in the area of the crash - along with 25 "ele" and mention of finding foot prints, along with notation of "Ind. evaded E". We have recently discovered many inconsistencies within our Vietnam casualty's military records and crash fact records - and are not getting any help from the Army in clarification. Thanks. Joyce Ussery From: Missouri E-mail: <>


T.K. Ball Tuesday, 8/7/01, 12:01 PM

son of Cav6 Maj. Ball, 68-69 or 69-70: heck I was too young to remember much From: St Louis Web Site: My Home Page <> E-mail: <>


clyde rexroad Monday, 7/30/01, 8:37 PM

"B" Troop Oct 69 to Oct 70. Callsign Sabre24 From: utah E-mail: <>



Paul Davis Wednesday, 7/25/01, 6:15 AM

VHPA life member

From: Jacksonville, Florida

E-mail: <> Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C-1/9 Guns Jan. 67 - Dec 67



Patrick Pascual Monday, 7/23/01, 11:09 AM

After reading the "Rembrance" and "Morning Report" of this website, I

noticed one glaring omission. My Father, SFC Florendo Pascual was

omitted from both sections. SFC Pascual was the platoon sergeant of the

"Blues" from approximately the Summer of 1964 (under the 3-17 Cav) until

he was killed in action during the Ia Drang Valley ambush on 3 November

1965. His role in the 3 November 1965 Ia Drang Ambush is mentioned in a

paragraph of the book "Anatomy of a Division."

From: Mililani, Hawaii



TOM AGNESS Thursday, 7/19/01, 2:22 PM

Great Site! Hello to all my brothers in Charlie Troop. I was with Apache

Troop my whole tour flying slicks/blues.



Name of Unit and dates in RVN: Apache Troop, 1/9th Cav Dec 70-Nov




Rick McKiddy Saturday, 7/14/01, 8:54 PM

My oldest brother Gary served with the C 1/9 from October 69 until May

1970. I was just looking at the web site and wanted to say hello! Great web

site, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to it! Rick McKiddy

From: Warren Michigan



Fernando "Sugg" De Pierris Friday, 7/13/01, 6:20 PM

Hey guys, I was with C Troop.... 3rd of the 127th. Enjoyed your site, not

finished with it. Had a lot of friends in 1/9, including a couple bosses. For the

past 3 years I haver been in Nam with a bunch of vets, very healing, very

interesting. Going back next May 15. I will have a site with details, be on the

look out. An OCS buddy and flight school mate, Bo Bludworth (1/9) has

disappeared from the face of the Earth, anyone knows his whereabouts? Will

get back here, my best to all. Fernando De Pierris, LTC (ret) Banshee 46

From: Mech. PA

Web Site: Banshee PAges


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C Trp 3/17 - B Troop 2/17 101st Abn



Thaddeus Cronen Friday, 7/13/01, 12:26 AM

My hat is off to you all! I am hoping to find those that may have crossed paths

with the man I so Proudly called "DAD" His name was Maj.James Cronen. He

was the commander of Troop A,1st Sq.,9th Cavalry in July 1966. he as well was

the commander of the third Airlift Platoon 120th Aviation Company (AIR MBL LT)

Capital Aviation Battalion (PROVISIONAL)TOE 1-77G, 63 cw/c (TOE300- 27)

262/65 Any response will be sincerly appriciatd From the son of one of your own

,Thaddeus Cronen

From: Lou. Ky.



Jim Regan Friday, 7/13/01, 9:06 AM

Glad to find the site. I was always proud to be a member of the Real Cav.


From: Lexington, KY


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: E Co, 52nd Inf/H Co 75th, Dec



MichiganMadMan Wednesday, 7/11/01, 9:54 PM


SLIENCE FOR THOSE WHO DIDN'T !!!! It Still Seems Like Yesterday But Finding

This Site Thanks To COUGAR A Brother In My Club, This Has Made Me Very

Happy! Its Almost Like Being Home Again ! I Salute You COUGAR And Thank

You So Much For Bringing Me Here !!!!!! I Would Also Like To Know If Someone

Has A, 1/9 Red Gunship Patch They Would Part With? I Would Wear It Proudly

On My Vest I Ride With The VNV M/C Now, Viet Nam Vets Motorcycle Club And

Would Very Much Appreciate Anyone Wanting To Send Me One! Please Get In

Touch With Me Via E-Mail At Address Above! Thanks Again, Mel Armour, RVN

Phouc Vihn 70- 71

From: Michigan



''Michigan MadMan'' Mel Wednesday, 7/11/01, 12:16 PM

Just Found Glenn Thanks To Your Guest Book Hope To Get In Touch With Him

Soon ! His # Is Unlisted But We Are Both On AOL Hopefully I'll Hear From Him

Soon !! And To Any Other Vets Who Know Me Here Is My Ph # Call Anytime

!!!!!!!!! Mel (810) 743-1635

From: Michigan

Web Site: Le PueVNVMC



Mel Armour Wednesday, 7/11/01, 10:39 AM

Your Site Gave Me Chills (Good Chills) I Seen A Pic Of A Brother I Have Been

Looking For For A Long Time Glen McCloy 1/9 AirCav Cobra CrewCheif Phouc

Vihn Im Gonna Join Your Site And Thanks For Being Here ! I Ride With The VNV

M/C In Michigan Now ! Anyone Write If You Like !!!!!!!!!!! I Will Reply !!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Michigan

Web Site: LePue

E-mail: LePuevnvmc@AOL.COM


Bruce Huffman Tuesday, 7/10/01, 5:20 PM

Interested in locating friends from the period 1968 - 1969 and sharing recollections

of one of the most formative experiences of my life.

From: C Trp./Ist Sqdn./1st Air Cav



Bob Young Monday, 7/9/01, 8:19 AM

Jack, great job with this site. You and Walker have put together some good

photos and history. Thanks for all the work and the memories. I owe you

two photos, then and now! Working on it!

From: Clarksville, TN

Web Site: 7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment (Air)


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: Scouts C Trp 1/9 Cav 65-66, Scouts A

Trp 7/17 Cav 67-68

Maltby, R.R. CW-4 Saturday, 7/7/01, 5:42 PM

Flew with Guns 227th from Jan 68 to Jan 69.

From: Michigan



Mick Wheeler Tuesday, 7/3/01, 3:23 AM

Might sound kind of corny guys, but the reason we're all feeling kind of

"weepy" these days is because "For those that have to fight for it, life has a

flavor the protected will never know." Anyone remember that ole saying?

I've found it to be a "truism" fo

From: Ashland, Oregon


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C trp 1/9 Cav 6/69-3/7/70



Peter (SP4 Peter A. Scott) Monday, 7/2/01, 8:55 PM

I add something else: Really enjoyed looking through all the pictures!!! You

do good work!!! That´s fantastic webpage!!! Great!!! The Best Regards to

you and all vets! PS: That rare I know some names of the pilots, the Blues

and the other men who served in Nam(for example from the Matthew

Brennen´s books, from my friends,...)and now I see the same names here in

this webpage! Thank you! SP4 Peter A. Scott(Pedro)

From: The Czech Republic(Europe)



Peter (SP4 Peter A. Scott) Monday, 7/2/01, 8:44 PM

Hi everybody! At first I have to mention that I haven´t served in Nam but

I´m very interested in Viet Nam war, I admire those gentle heroes who

served there in that damn war! Many damn GOOD MEN died there but

why? For those bloody politicians in Washington? Oh God.. Especially I´m

very interested in the 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry

Division (Airmobile), Vietnam, 1965-71 because I guess it was the best unit

which was in Nam! You did very good work there! Really! I admire you!!!

PS:Anyway, how you can see on the name of my e-mail address, I´m

interested in LRRP(especially in Team Camel, Co. E/51st Inf., 23rd

Americal can see our team photo on We don´t celebrate the Viet

Nam war, nothing like this, but we want to celebrate,remember and mention

those heroes who served there, who fought there and who died there..GOD


From: The Czech Republic