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Guest Book Archive

April-June 2001


  Judy E . Peroni Saturday, 6/30/01, 10:57 AM

Searching for info on two men, (Army,unit unknown-am searching),KIA in

the Pleiku area 1964--names are Danny Thayer(sp?), Michael Bolton. Also

looking for Al Collins-, still alive, we believe, unit unknown-I think all were

TDY. Also for information on Michael Hanson, who was KIA at a later

time, but was with these men. Any help--email to

Thanks--Judy E. Peroni

From: Montana



Chuck Kowlen Friday, 6/29/01, 3:44 AM

Nice job on new site. Great effort!

From: Maine


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C Trp, 65-66


Marshall H. Maring Thursday, 6/28/01, 12:38 PM

I was CE for Randy Zahn on Cindy Ann Snake...great site......... Thanks

From: Grapeview,Washington


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C Trp 1/9th 70-71


Bob Tredway Thursday, 6/28/01, 12:15 PM

From: Washington, DC


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C./1/9 (1969) 11


Dirk Kretcshman Tuesday, 6/26/01, 10:18 AM

Two Two is up,,,,,, Great page guys, Thank-you very much for this effort on

our behalf. Good work. Welcome Home to all. Two Two out.

From: Houston


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C troop Guns 6/67 to 6/68


CPT James H Larose Monday, 6/25/01, 7:18 PM

I was the squadron surgeon of the 1/9th Cavalry in Korea when we sent our

beloved patches to Col Stackton.

From: Montgomery Ala


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: not there


Joyce Ussery Monday, 6/25/01, 7:10 PM

We are looking for a member of C 1/9 who may remember the crash of a

UH-1H or UH-1D on or about September 28, 1968, 1 1/2 miles east of LZ

Barbara. We are the family of a Vietnam KIA (first reported Hostile Missing

for five days) who have recently discovered significant inconsistencies within

his military/accident records. We are being denied further accident records

to hopefully clarify some of the irregularities In the Duty Officer's Log sheet

received for September 28, 1968, there is mention of C 1/9 being in the

area, near the crash site. We would appreciate hearing from anyone who

might recall the helicopter crash. Thank you. Joyce Ussery

From Missouri



Jim Kurtz Monday, 6/25/01, 5:30 PM

I started in A Troop, then joined the Cavaliers until the unit stood down and

I went to A Battery, Blue Max. Walker Jones vectored me on to this site

and I have to say it's outstanding!

From: Fairfax, VA


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C/1-9, March 1971 - standdown



Phil "Pat" Patterson Monday, 6/25/01, 5:48 AM

I extended 91 days to get out of the infantry and to ETS upn my return to the

world. I was fortunate enough to be transferred to Charlie Troop where I

flew as an observer from Oct. '69 until I was medivaced on 1-15-70. Saw

more action in 3 months there than in 8 months on the ground. Met some of

the finest people ever! Would very much like to contact Mike "Boscoe"

Minnich and Bill "Neff" Neff (that was original, Bill). Anybody seen or heard

from either guy? They aren't on the KIA list (THANK GOD!!!), so they are

probably still out there somewhere. Any Charlie Troop vets coming to

Tallahassee (for an FSU football game or to storm the Supreme Court

building?) feel free to look me up. I have a spare bedroom, and you're

welcome to stay there.

From: Sarasota/Tallahassee, FL


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: Charlie Trp. 1st Bn. 9th Cav Oct



Cecil Smith Monday, 6/25/01, 5:22 AM

From: Palestine Texas


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C 1/9

Ken Williams Monday, 6/25/01, 4:07 PM

Kenneth R Williams I was a cook with HHT 3/5 Air Cav at Ft. Lewis between late

summer of'76 and winter of '78. I also spent a lot of time at Yakima especially

when cobra pilots had to train. I was seriously injured in a car accident on Dec 23,

1978. I am grateful to all of the people who took the time to visit me hospital. I am

still to this day touched. Thank You. You DID make a difference in my life when I

needed support. So long, good hunting, and if you aint Cav ? well you know the


From: IL

Web Site: N/A




kent e. tuttle Sunday, 6/24/01, 9:07 PM

From: so. cal.


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: c troop 1/9, 1970


Vaughn Lane Sunday, 6/24/01, 8:20 PM

A lot of aviation people ask about flying in Viet Nam; I refer them to the site.

Usually, a lot of comments follow. I enjoy, then, telling stories on the other

pilots with whom I flew. It isn't so bad telling on you, I resist telling the dumb

stuff on myself...little boys and their toys.

From: Tennessee


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C Trp, 1/9, 2/69-2/70


Jerry Berggren Sunday, 6/24/01, 6:35 PM

As a first time visitor I enjoyed your site. However, is the list of KIAs limited

to aviators? Does no one remember Willie Green Jr, Allan J Nelson Jr,

Clifford Smith & Edward N Kanishiro? They were all Blues and damn good

men, too.

From: Boise ID

Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C Troop 1/9 Sep 12-Dec 18 1966


Paul Hart Sunday, 6/24/01, 7:05 AM

From: Tubac, AZ


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C 1/9 67-68 Lift


Bob Lemaster Sunday, 6/24/01, 6:07 AM

Call sign CAV17, Scout section leader. Great job with the web page.

From: Virginia


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C Troop 1/9 around 5 or 6 July 70 to end

of June 71


Lee Salazar Saturday, 6/23/01, 9:03 PM

Jack: You do good work. Should have extended and flown a bit with you.

Would have been an honor.

From: Walnut Creek Cal.


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C Troop 1st/9th Feb.'68 - Feb.' 69


Bill Frazer Saturday, 6/23/01, 7:59 PM

Really enjoyed looking through all the pictures. Great job on the webpage. I

spent 6 months flying Scouts with Charlie Troop, then switched over to

Alpha Troop for another 6 months of Scouts. Also flew Chinooks for the

Texas National Guard and did some time in Central America as a "civilian"

airplane and helicopter pilot. Currently own a company selling military

hardware in the Philippines and Taiwan. If you need a good .50 cal "hunting"

rifle drop me a line. Best regards, Cavalier/Apache 15

From: Fort Worth, Texas

Web Site: Frazer Homepage


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C&A Trps '70-'71


Larry Doc Stanberry 1st Cav Airmobile Friday, 6/22/01, 10:59 PM

Hi 1/9-=-=Thanks Eldon for the invite, feels good to be amongst some

fellow troopers... I just loved them helo's, best air conditioning I ever had in

RVN other than monsoons and the CA's and that air conditioning lasted a

short time, being a modified grunt I didn't get much air conditioning time..

Nothing finer than a CA sitting on the deck with feet dangling over the skids..

When the heat was on, a grunt has two things going on in his head, maybe his

final prayer, and than God that Blue Max is here bringing scunyun to the

adversary.. Fine job on the site BTW, load time is great on the pages and for

a homestead site, this is the smoothest operating one I have landed at, fine

job web master.. Catch you Bro's on the turn around, now Eldon, please

visit us and bring the 1/9 Troop with you... God Bless, Sincerely, Larry Doc

Stanberry Ps: Being a Ministry site, you will not be bored when you land, this

I will guarantee.. :-))

From: Idaho, USA

Web Site Soldiers Of The Cross Prison Ministry


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C Co. 1/12th 1st Cav Airmobile


Charlie Taliaferro Friday, 6/22/01, 7:29 AM

We are trying to get the word out about our project and though perhaps you

might be able to help us. Vietnam veterans . . . WE NEED YOUR

HELP!!!!! Have you ever spent time in a veteran's hospital? This

not-for-profit group works to lessen the bleakness that permeates most

Veterans Health Administration hospitals. Check out the Kitchen Table Gang

Trust at Many military veterans have deemed our

efforts worthy of support and we hope you will too. Hand salute!

From: NAS Lemoore




John Chintala Thursday, 6/21/01, 10:23 PM

We gave em hell...And sent a lot of them there too. God be with all my

brothers...Walk tall. Remember you are Air mobile.........

From: Salina, Kansas


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: H troop then F troop 69-72


Devin Stewart Saturday, 6/16/01, 3:23 PM

Looking for info. on my dad...He was in Troop C, 1/9th Cavalry...

1965-1966... His name was Jon Stewart, from Texas, He was with the 3rd

Transportation Company @ Ft. Belvoir, Virginia before going to Vietnam...

Would like to get info, pics, and even stories from anybody from his unit who

might have known and fought with him...

From: Houston, TX



Judy E. Peroni Wednesday, 6/13/01, 8:11 PM

Looking for info on husband. Arrived in Pleiku May 24 '64. Assigned to

'Bravo'(?) Blues of the 9th Air Cav. from the unit above--was TDYfrom

Germany. Sent into Birdsfoot, (Crowsfoot,(?). Trying to reconstruct events.

If you can help me if this was your Unit, and the right time frame for you

there-- please email to: roses Thanks very much--Judy E. Peroni

From: Montana


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: Co. B 23rd Engr.


Walker Jones Wednesday, 6/13/01, 6:54 PM

Jack, Proud of you doing a great job. Any of you guys visiting, please leave

a message so we can contact you. Welcome Home to all! Cavalier 18, 22

From: Harlingen, TX

Web Site: OLD C-1/9th


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C-1/9th, 4/70 - 4/71


jerry bradley Tuesday, 6/12/01, 3:12 PM

I am looking for charlie troop lift patch,anyone got am idea where I might get

one.Cav 38 68/69... e-mail

From: des moines ia




Jack Beller Saturday, 6/9/01, 9:59 AM

After graduating with flight class ORWAC 66-6, I was assigned to Charlie Troop, July 66 to Jan 67, flying gunships. In Jan 67, I went to the 129AHC where I also flew guns until my DROS. Would love to hear from anyone who knew me!

From: Indialantic, Florida E-mail: <>

Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C 1/9: Jul 66-Jan67; 129AHC: Jan-Jun 67

John Mackel Monday, 6/4/01, 11:23 AM

God almighty - I look at those pictures of guys I was with 31 years ago and it just makes you want to cry. I don't know what the hell is the matter with me, too much estrogen or something. Love the little narratives, they were so appropriate. I took my third son off to college this weekend so it's just Jennie and me, so if you guys stop in Houston (Cypress) give me a call. Can't make Denver, see you in Vegas.

From: Houston E-mail: <>

Name of Unit and dates in RVN: c trp 1/9 69-70

Wayne Mutza Friday, 6/1/01, 5:43 PM

I am working on books devoted to Huey gunships and nose art and am seeking photo material on both subjects. Material is carefully handled, copied, credited and promptly returned. Contributors receive complimentary copies of the book in which their material appears. Wayne Mutza 8523 W. Holly Rd. Mequon, WI 53097

From: Milwaukee, WI E-mail: <>

Name of Unit and dates in RVN: 240th AHC, F trp/4th Cav 1971-'72

John Teetsel Wednesday, 5/23/01, 1:48 PM

Great web site. Love those before and after pics. A few of us Blue Max pilots used to come drinkin' at your club in Phouc Vinh and check up on some of my classmates. Glad to see Babysan Hilton is doing ok. Was Brent Turner in your troop? I saw him after he'd wrecked his third LOH. He said he was looking out the door and flew into a stand of bamboo. What a guy!

From: Phoenix E-mail: <>

Name of Unit and dates in RVN: B Btry 2/20 ARA '70-'71




Jerome(brad) Bradley CAV 38 Thursday, 5/3/01, 11:14 AM

Just a short note from Cav.38 C troop 68/69. New e- mail jerry Anyone know where Howard Miller or Jim Dooley or

Bill Maki are at?Let me hear from the ole 68/69 charlie troop gang.


Des Moines Ia.



Michael Smith / Cavalier 39 Tuesday, 5/1/01, 5:30 PM

Really nice work on the site, lads. Well thought out, great content and photo galleries. I'll send along a couple of my own.

From: Las Vegas, site of VHPA 2002 Web Site: Las Vegas Chapter VHPA <> E-mail: <> Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C-Troop, 1/9 Cav 4/70 - 4/71

Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C-Troop, 1/9 Cav 4/70 - 4/71



Mad Max

Sunday, 4/29/01, 11:44 AM

I have a new e-mail address.I would still like to hear from you guys.I knew

Chestnut,Bryant,Bowers,Combs,Bell,Slye,Pappy,Peffer and many more. Mad



Bridgewater,Maine 04735




J.R. Svaren Friday, 4/27/01, 2:01 AM

Just checked the new site...great! Stopped in Jerome,Idaho last summer to John Toolson (former C&B troop CO). Great to do some catching up. Would like hear from other former troopers. From: Hardin, Montana E-mail: <>

Name of Unit and dates in RVN: c1/9 68-69 HHT 1/9 69-70


DAVSKI Monday, 4/23/01, 9:45 AM

Just dropped in page is very impressive. Good to see some new stuff. From: Boon,MI. E-mail: <>

Name of Unit and dates in RVN: RVN Jan69-Oct70 Ctrp June69-Oct 70



Frank Deutsch Saturday, 4/21/01, 2:40 PM

Looking for anyone who was in 1st. Cav DMZ Police In Korea !956 57 58 From: Brookville In 47012 E-mail: <> Name of Unit and dates in RVN: DMZ Police !st Cav. Aug 1956 t0 May 1957



Randy Zahn Saturday, 4/21/01, 2:06 PM

Hi all, just a quick note to let you know I am alive and well up in Anchorage. The site looks great!! Two thumbs up. Newman and I did a mini-mini last weekend (without the flag), but we'll rectify that soon. Nice to be back in the U S of A. Hope to be seeing more of you all in the not too distant future. WE COULD, WE DID AND WE'RE DAMN PROUD OF IT!!

From: Where am I from or where do I live? E-mail: <> Name of Unit and dates in RVN: Charlie Troop 1/9th


Ernest L. Daniels

Tuesday, 4/3/01, 10:55 AM

I was assigned to C 1/9 in Sept 68 as Blue PlT Ldr and served with C troop

through Mar 68. I was then assigned to D 1/9 as XO and acting CO. I've

been in touch with a couple of the guys whose names I found on the web

site. I see that my name is not listed on the morning report as well as the first

man I lost as Blue (PFC Melvin E. Crossman KIA 12/13/67 Panel 31E row

86). Just thought I'd try to contribute a little information for your records.

Good job on the website.


Counce, Tn.


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: C Troop 1/9 Cav Sep 67 - Mer 68




Monday, 4/2/01, 7:01 PM

I came incountry 3/66 and was assigned to B Co. 2/7th 3/66-6/66, C Co.

229th AVN btn door gunner slick 6/66-10/66, C troop 1/9th 10/66-1/67. I

left medivac Jan 4, 1966 from the horseshoe LZ.


Long Beach, Ca


Name of Unit and dates in RVN: B Co. 2/7th 3/28/66-6/66, C Co. 229th

AVN door gunner slick 6/66-10/66, C troop 1/9th 10/66-1/67